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Abs are made in the gym!

Training has the largest impact in the positive change with regard to our visual appearance. It's always about creating a certain level of intensity. Which in turn decides on the effectiveness of the workout. The body cannot compensate for too high an intensity and will prevent it from achieving the maximum of progress. A too low intensity level also leads to suboptimal results. By training together with me, you will learn techniques and methods that make it possible to optimally control and dose the training intensity.

Tobias Brüstle mindset


The Attitude - Everything That Matters!

The most important and often underestimated factor is the attitude. How much you make an effort in training, whether you are motivated and focused on your goal, ultimately always decides your attitude. Those who are unmotivated and forced to train will not experience the same success as those who are looking forward to the training and can hardly wait to experience a new increase in performance. The motivated exerciser has a goal, knows that every single repetition brings the goal closer. Coupled with the right know-how, the awareness of cause and effect, above all things with the necessary will, you will no longer be able to wait for the next workout due to sheer motivation.

Tobias Brüstle nutrition


Happiness is the ability to do without

The most overrated topic in terms of muscle building and fat loss is probably the right nutrition. Mostly totally complicated, so that many exercisers would like to throw in the towel right away. Almost a disinformation is currently taking place on the Internet. Completely nonsensical concepts are propagated, these often have neither an increase in performance in training, nor are they feasible in the long term and thus lead to diet breaks and frustration. Above all, the sheer infinite number of different diet concepts on the Internet causes disorientation and leads to frequent changes in the concept, which in turn makes success considerably more difficult. My approach to nutrition is quite simple, if not to say simple. A clear structure with clear guidelines according to which athletes have been in shape for decades. Without wrong paths and alternatives - a guarantee of a clear path to the goal.

personal training

Personal training

- Correct exercise execution
- coordination training
- control of intensity
- Training the Mind Muscle Connection
- Training the vascular system
training plan

Training plan

- How often do you exercise?
- Which exercises combine?
- Which exercises for target muscle?
- Which method for personal goal?
- When to train which muscle?
- Coordination of the phases
- Tailored to individual tolerance
Nutrition plan

Nutrition plan

- What to eat to reduce body fat?
- How to nourish to build muscle?
- Custom instructions
- Feasible concept
- Tips and tricks for athletes to the end

Tobias Brüstle

Personal trainer

Training has been the passion of my life for over 13 years, start living your dream, achieving your dream body. Contrary to popular belief, this path is not arduous or painful. It is much more a festival - every step, every repetition on its way there. The certainty that you are getting closer to your goal, that you have created these successes with your own hands, that you have mastered the challenge, will allow you to enjoy feelings of pride, satisfaction and success.
It is a self-experience that is second to none. Exceeding your own limits, shaping your own body according to personal ideas is like art. It is a need that slumbers in each of us.

You deserve the best and training is the best you can do for yourself - I am happy to convince you.

Tobias Brüstle


Success in training is not a coincidence, many factors determine whether it continues or not, take it into your own hands!

Personal training

80 €

The most effective techniques and methods from competitive sports.

  • Correct execution
  • Control of intensity
  • Training the "Mind Muscle Connection"
  • Motivation - the key to success
  • Coaching from beginners to athletes

Training plan

60 €

Maximum progress all year round, every muscle group is optimally stimulated.

  • Muscle building
  • Fat burning
  • Guaranteed performance increase
  • Strength & endurance
  • Customized

Nutrition Plan

100 €

Proven methods from competitive sports with guaranteed success!

  • Adapted to personal goals
  • Maximum fat burning
  • Muscle building & performance improvement
  • Long-term feasible
  • No carbohydrate waiver

Complete package I

200 €

1x Personal training
- nutrition plan
- training plan

  • Personal training including preparation of training and nutrition plans
  • Tailored to your individual situation

Complete package II

350 €

3x Personal training
- Nutrition plan
- Training plan

  • 1 week of personal training including nutrition and training plan creation
  • Individual & resource-oriented

Complete package III

950 €

12x personal training
- Nutrition plan
- Training plan

- Daily online support
  • 1 complete month of personal training including nutrition plan, training plan creation and daily support
  • With professional techniques and methods for dream body
  • A lifetime of optical & measurable progress
  • New performance increases without risk of injury
  • 24/7 support

Every Wednesday morning there is a trial training at half price.

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